FUTURE BY LMD Future Realized by Laboratory of Media Dynamics

Promote Interdisciplinary Field Research and Take on the Challenge of Solving Real-world Problems

In addition to general images, music, and video, the Laboratory of Media Dynamics deals with a wide variety of data such as medical images and social infrastructure data as research objects. We promote collaboration among industry, academia, and government, and research multimedia analysis technology with real-world applications.

Cooperative Research

Civil Engineering

  • AI-based High-Precision Deformation Classification
  • Visualization of the Basis for AI Decisions
  • Tacit Knowledge Inheritance of Skilled Engineers

Materials Science

  • Estimation of Material Degradation Area
  • Biomimetics Image Retrieval Platform
  • Formulation Image Property Relationship Analysis


  • High Accuracy Gastric Cancer Risk Identification AI
  • Visualization of the Basis for AI Decisions
  • Efficient Training of AI using Generated Images

Brain science

  • Brain and AI Communication
  • Preference Estimation Using Brain Activity Information
  • Human-Centric AI